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Here are the repositories associated with the desliem account.

  1. Win4Deap

    Win4Deap 2 is a Windows graphic program whose objective is to facilitate the use of Tim Coelli’s DEAP console application to do data envelopment analysis.

  2. mdeap

    MDeap 2 is a Windows graphic program that can do basic data envelopment analysis. It’s probably not as powerful as DEAP, but it’s more user-friendly.

  3. meteo

This IT project contains 135 things (Windows applications) which facilitate the presentation and understanding of elementary concepts of economic theory.

desliem ?

It was the identifier of an email account with my former employer. On installing the email system, a short yet unique username had to be assigned to a few hundred persons and entities. When it came to defining my own identifier on GitHub, I opted for this name, surprised that it was unique among the hundred million users of the site. My first and last name contain sixteen letters, seventeen with the space between them. Between seven or seventeen letters the choice was easy.